About Alarkus Comics:

Alarkus Comics is a webcomic website founded by Dustin Andrews (Me). I’m just a guy who loves video games, adventures, and most of all making comics. I’m an aspiring artist who is learning new things everyday and am open to criticism.


About Sand Bandits:

What originally started as an experimental webcomic to practice my skills has turned into a developed, enriching world that I hold close to my heart.

In summary, Sand Bandits is about a young girl named Kiera who, having inherited the most notorious gang in the world from her late father, deals with the responsibility and issues that come with such an undertaking. She goes on a bunch of adventures and meets many new friends (and enemies) on the way. Sand Bandits take place in a mysterious world composed almost entirely of desert, with powerful sandstorms covering the world borders. Kiera and her friends explore this world and uncover its dark secrets.